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P. O. box 40 Senya Beraku

Central Region, Ghana




Food & Beverages


As a volunteer in Ghana, you’ll receive 3 meals each day on weekdays and 2 meals on weekends (breakfast and dinner). Ghanaian  food is tasty and diverse and volunteers can expect dishes included  fried rice and vegetables,fried noodles and vegetables, mixed vegetables with a satay sauce.  For those who do not eat meat, Ghanaian  cooking uses soya beans

Breakfasts are varied and include pancakes, fresh fruit, toast etc. Tea, coffee will be available at the volunteer house. Purified water is available in the volunteer house. We do not recommend that you drink the tap water.  If volunteers wish to eat out in Ghana, there are a large numbers of restaurants and local restaurant to suit all tastes and budgets. There is also a western café in the village for fresh fruit juices, fresh coconuts and sweet treats.   If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you apply so we can make arrangements for you.

Internet Access

Good access at the project site

Accommodation & Food Cost

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Accommodation and feeding has already been arranged for all volunteers by GXVO and is included in the cost of program.

• Accommodation type arranged for volunteers are the family stays /home stay/volunteer house type. Meaning volunteers stay with a family as their host or within a shared volunteer home based on availability. Volunteers provided with their own private room or shared with others and fed 3 times each one day. Matching volunteers to host families and pairing volunteers in a room is done by selecting needed information from the volunteers. Host families are screened to make sure they meet our principles and also match to volunteers we send over to them.

• Foods served are mainly international dishes comprising rice, chicken, beef, tea, coffee, bread, eggs, soup, potato, oats, fruits, fish, etc. Local foods are served alongside and are made mainly from the above, tubers, beans and/or maize. We have to mention that it is very common to find dishes volunteers are familiar with in a restaurant in the cities.

• Living with a host family is very ideal and less expensive for both the volunteers and G.X.V.O. The volunteers get to experience the culture and language closely. G.X.V.O manages the security and safety of the volunteer and properties. In a room, each volunteer has to his/her own, a bed, pillow and bedspread. In the home of the host family, access to toilet and bath, kitchen, lounge, television, radio, electricity, water, dining table, and table sets. Families with a man, wife, and children are picked. A few places of work and residences are without electricity and running water, which will be presented prior to project confirmation. The volunteer’s safe health is well guided Sometimes volunteers could request to be paired in the same room.

• G.X.V.O is very careful about the type of water volunteer’s drink, though not included in costs. Suggested ones are the voltic mineral water, the aqua fill, etc.

• G.X.V.O does not offer luxury holidays and accommodation for volunteer projects.

• Will offer meals and lodging from the first to the last day of the program.


Airport Pick Up: When you arrive at the airport, a staff will be at the Airport to pick you up. Please do not forget to send us your flight information and we guarantee, you will never miss us at the airport. First Nights Bed and Breakfast: Airport meeting and hotel transfer for the first night of arrival. You will be spending the first night in Accra the capital city of Ghana if your flight comes in later than 11:30pm. This stay may occur if flight arrives before 11:30 and will be identified with discussion prior to arrival. If flight comes in earlier we will proceed straight to Senya Beraku, our base, before you proceed to your placement. Transportation to placement: the first days you will be assisted by a staff member for introduction and orientation.  You will be traveling with our staff by Car, Cab, Tro-tro (mini-van) or bus to your destination in Kumasi. Personal travels are not an included cost. If volunteer chooses not to live with a host family in the near vicinity of their project site, causing long distance travels from the house to the place of work, the volunteer is responsible to pay that cost themselves. Accommodation: You will be staying with a host family, within a rented house or a hostel and volunteer will stay either in a single or, if requested, shared room. Our host families are carefully screened and selected based on G.X.V.O’s requirements. All our families are middle-class and live in safe neighborhoods. The distance from the project varies. The family will provide three meals 3 times a day except on some unforeseen circumstances. The home should have western toilet and bath, lockable closet, fan, and supply of mosquito preventive nets are offered if you don’t have one, we do request you bring your own. G.X.V.O shall present a recommendation letter and certificate to participants after project. Regular visitation by G.X.V.O staff is very important as we must maintain volunteer satisfaction. Food: In most cases your meals are cooked and provided for you by your host family. You will be getting 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Traditional but very nutritious.

Please inform us if you are a vegetarian or have food allergies, this is taken into account when we arrange your placement. 24/7 in Country Support & Supervision: Our field offices and staffs are all over our projects sites and our country coordinator will also be accessible to help you when you need it, including a 24-hour support G.X.V.O team is committed to making sure all participating communities and volunteers benefit from the collaboration. Administrative Charges: Our staff works every day to take care of our volunteers: Emails are answered, phone calls are taken, coordination occurs between projects, and most importantly volunteers are placed within areas of their interest in villages. Most of our staff works on a volunteer basis, there are at all times costs to any organization. We try hard to keep these administration costs to a minimum so that your money can be used most professionally. Security and hold up your well-being while volunteering with us is our priority. We make sure your trip is safe and G.X.V.O – Ghana staff will provide whatever support you may need at any step along the way. We see to it that work being done at our projects is genuinely worthwhile and that it will have a positive impact on the aims of the project. We also save time in checking the legitimacy of the project and ensure a safe working environment for you. Co-operate souvenir for volunteers: G.X.V.O will give to participants a souvenir on their arrival and departure.

Benefits to you G.X.V.O-Ghana travel experience offers you the chance to work on a volunteer project overseas. It offers you the simplicity of a package holiday with all the rewards of independent travel. Transportation from Accra to G.X.V.O office / host family and accommodation by local host family from the first day of your arrival to the end when we will pay/escort you back to Accra. Donation to project, orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support. G.X.V.O guarantees will cater for most medical care assistance in case a volunteer falls sick during his/her stay in Ghana. Costs include in-country orientations, project, and host families’ staff visitations. Supply of mosquito preventive nets if you don’t have one, G.X.V.O shall present a recommendation letter and certificate to participants after project


• Transportation, excluding the transport to Senya Beraku

• Insurance for lost of luggage.

• Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers / entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations.

• Smoking /drinking and clubbing.

• Air ticket.

• Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home.

• Flight, airport taxes, visa, immunizations, personal expenses, travel insurance, passports.

Internet Access

Good access at the project site


We really appreciate your gift of time and try to keep costs as low as possible. The price includes all three meals, Airport pick , T-shirt and accommodation on site in a comfortable shared room. We  would like to arrange a private transfer from the airport to the house, which is part of the fees you paid


1 week-$80
2 week-$160
3 week-$240
4 week-$360
Any additional week is $75

Other Fees


Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.

Flight Tickets

The nearest airport is Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in Accra, Ghana.

Travel Insurance

Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Ghana provides security and is a plus to have.


If you are intending to volunteer in Ghana you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Ghana.


Details on Arrival


Our projects run throughout the year so you can volunteer with us any time that is suitable for you. Our minimum volunteering period is two weeks and the maximum of one year. You need to send us your application at least four weeks before your intended trip to Ghana to volunteer with us. This will give us enough time to send you all the necessary document and information you will need for your visa and guide you throughout the process.

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